Location / Geographic Analysis

Qloo can analyze taste by location. We help brands better understand neighborhoods, cities and countries, both from the perspective of the residents that live there and the businesses that serve them.

Qloo is also uniquely able to bridge the divide between geographical tastes and media preferences, navigating across domains from one to the other.

Qloo can help you understand the taste of residents in any geographic area, however small or large:

  • Their greatest affinities in all categories of culture and entertainment.
  • Their favorite cuisines and genres of music, movies, TV and books, where they go on vacation etc.
  • Their level of price sensitivity.
  • Their affinity to your brand relative to your competitors.
  • Identify the cities or regions to prioritize your efforts in based on known audience affinity and potential demand.

Qloo can also provide you with a detailed understanding of the entities that exist in any given geographic area:

  • What are the most correlated stores, restaurants, hotels and attractions to a defined geographic radius?
  • What attributes and genres are correlated to a particular geo-radius?
  • Is it late night bars or fine dining?
  • Is it mainstream fashion labels or designer brands?
  • What does this mean for our brand?

Key features

  • Hyper-targeting based on over 150 million factors, resulting in highly granular, actionable, accurate insights about audience taste.
  • No PII is required. All predictions are made based on fully anonymized user data
  • Qloo’s personalization service is fully GDPR compliant.

How it works

  • Qloo’s AI can accept audience definitions based on any combination of cultural entities or factors, that way personalization is completely anonymized.
  • Results are returned via the API within milliseconds.
  • Qloo’s API is fully cross-walked, and maintains major 3rd party identifiers (such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., as well as latitude/longitude, highly structured geographic address data for all entities).
Union Square Hospitality
Union Square Hospitality

Union Square Hospitality uses Qloo to evaluate taste factors at prospective lease locations

Union Square Hospitality was looking at various prospective lease locations in a major urban center, and wanted to understand what granular entities (restaurants, music, fashion etc.) and genres of cuisine were most correlated to each lease location (with a defined radius around) in order to better evaluate the potential restaurant opportunities to open at each.