What movies 25-35 year old Parisians who like Louis Vuitton also like?

Qloo is the “Cultural AI”, decoding and predicting consumer taste across the globe.

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A privacy-first API that predicts global consumer preferences and catalogs hundreds of millions of cultural entities.

Through our API, we provide contextualized personalization and insights based on a deep understanding of consumer behavior and more than 575 million people, places and things. Our technology empowers you to look beyond trends and uncover the connections behind people’s taste in the world around them.


Look up entities in our vast library spanning categories like brands, music, film, fashion, travel destinations, and notable people. Results are delivered within milliseconds and can be weighted by factors such as regionalization and real-time popularity. Used by companies who want to incorporate best in class data in their consumer experiences.


Our flagship recommendation API delivers results based on demographics, preferences, cultural entities, metadata, and geolocational factors. Improve product development, media buying, and consumer experiences.


Start simply with geographic boundaries to uncover preferences by location with Qloo’s geospatial API for ultra-granular compound queries, such as “what movie genres are people in SoHo who like H&M most likely to watch?”.


Visualize consumer taste over any geographic area using Qloo’s heatmap API, showing spatial distributions of the same consumer preferences that power our recommendations. The data can be plugged directly into leading data platforms such as Snowflake and Tableau.


Qloo currently delivers cultural AI to leading companies in: > Media and Publishing, Entertainment, Technology, E-Commerce, Consumer Brands, Travel, Hospitality, Automakers, Fashion, Financial Services, and more.

  • Film 4,500,000+ Movies, Actors and Directors
  • Television 1,500,000+ TV Series, Presenters, and Networks
  • Music 142,500,000+ Artists, Albums, and Songs
  • Fashion 550,000+ Designers, Labels, and Retail Stores
  • Dining 2,950,000+ Restaurants, Cafes, and Bakeries
  • Products 85,000,000+ Brands, Products, and Companies
  • Books 27,500,000+ Titles, Authors, and Publishers
  • Media 1,550,000+ Apps, Podcasts, and Video Games
  • Travel 4,700,000+ Hotels, Destinations, and Attractions
  • Nightlife 950,000+ Bars, Clubs, and Venues
  • Sports 25,000+ Athletes, Teams, and Stadiums
  • People 375,000+ Public Figures, Influencers, and Celebrities

The world’s taste in one line of code

With even a single entity as a starting point, Qloo’s API can instantly traverse all cultural categories and overcome any cold starts. Our data science, expertise and catalog of entities is all made available through a simple REST API.

Plug and Play

Each of our API calls requires just one request and can unlock 360-degree intelligence about culture anywhere on the planet. Here’s a search request:


Agile Output

Leading companies have incorporated our APIs in everything from internal dashboards and data management platforms, to consumer-facing apps and voice activated systems used by millions globally. Qloo delivers value without relying on any identity data.

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Why Qloo

A privacy-first approach to personalization

  • Privacy icon

    Compliant by Design

    Qloo is built from the ground-up with privacy in mind. All inferences are delivered based on entity attributes with no identity data required to achieve results.

  • Bulb icon

    The Taste Vanguard

    Qloo processes, and learns millions of new cultural data points daily to ensure clients remain at the cutting edge of taste – deploying up to 200 new meta-models per week.

  • Shield icon

    Proven Reliability

    Qloo APIs operate with 99.9% uptime and have been successfully deployed in high-volume environments, while adhering to the strictest regulatory standards globally.

  • Loop icon

    Continuous Integration

    Qloo’s AI is trained on billions of real-time data points – allowing clients to employ the latest output to help drive revenue, conversion, efficacy, and other key KPIs.


Across the globe, down to the street.

Qloo has data covering the planet and can differentiate consumer preferences to a precision of hundreds of feet. From music to film and beyond, our data is as specialized as the biggest B2C companies in each domain we feature.

  • 50+ Countries covered with detail down to hundreds of feet
  • 575+ Million Cultural entities localizated with structured data
  • 125+ Billion Recommendations served per year via Recommendation API
  • 100+ Trillion Meaningful connections across cultural entities