Data-Driven Innovation

Qloo’s AI can play a role in innovative new use-cases and blue-sky technology roadmaps. Qloo’s Cultural AI has been integrated alongside leading AIs, such as IBM Watson, with chained calls often returning complex intelligence within milliseconds.

Key features

  • Hyper-targeting based on over 150 million factors, resulting in highly granular, actionable, accurate insights about audience taste.
  • No PII is required. All predictions are made based on fully anonymized user data
  • Qloo’s personalization service is fully GDPR compliant.

How it works

  • Qloo’s AI can accept audience definitions based on any combination of cultural entities or factors.
  • Results are returned via the API within milliseconds.
  • Qloo’s API is able to integrate with all major or proprietary CRM systems, and become an integral part of a broader data pipeline and intelligence. Qloo can also help gap-fill and generate inferences in categories where companies do not have data (overcoming cold start).
Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group

Qloo’s ai powers Umg hackathons, alongside Spotify and IBM

Value add

Qloo, the leading Cultural AI, and Universal Music, the leading music-based entertainment company, have announced a partnership to make Qloo’s API available showcase innovation in music technology. The partnership includes a series of worldwide events including hackathons where other partner APIs include IBM Watson and Spotify. Recent events in November and December have taken place at UMG’s headquarters in Mexico City, as well as Capitol Records headquarters in Los Angeles.

Music innovations

One of the prizewinners, SoundPic, leveraged Qloo and IBM Watson to create an app that can generate relevant music recommendations off of a photo submission. During the winning demonstration, SoundPic took a picture of a vase of flowers and served up music artist recommendations ranging from Chopin to Florence & the Machine. The process was powered by Qloo’s API and IBM Watson, with IBM Watson identifying the photo as “violet flowers”, then Qloo discovering books with relevance to violet flowers, and Qloo’s cross-domain API identifying highly relevant music recommendations based on those books. The turnaround from photo to music recommendations took less than 250 milliseconds.