Cultural Personalization

True personalization can add value at every step of the customer journey. Qloo is the leading supplier of Cultural AI and is actively being used by some of the largest companies in the world to help consumers navigate choice and present the most relevant options. Optimize your customer web experience or email marketing using Qloo’s Live Personalization API.

Qloo uses machine learning to identify and prioritize the most relevant products and content to present for each individual in real time, driving lift and conversion – Amazon attributes 35% of its gross revenue to its recommendation engine.

Key features

  • Hyper-targeting based on over 150 million factors, resulting in highly granular, actionable, accurate insights about audience taste.
  • No PII is required. All predictions are made based on fully anonymized user data
  • Qloo’s personalization service is fully GDPR compliant.

How it works

  • Qloo matches all entities in your catalog to those entities within the Qloo taste graph.
  • We help you Integrate Qloo’s API with your site or app.
  • Qloo personalizes each and every user experience or email for you in real time based on previous purchase, browsing or ‘taste’ history of each customer.
  • You decide the rules. Qloo works with you to further tune the algorithm based on success metrics to maximize conversion rates.

The internet’s leading culture and entertainment recommendation engine and social network.

Discovery is an increasingly important consumer friction point, TasteDive is a top-of-mind point of entry for discovery across almost all major categories of culture and entertainment for millions of consumers every month. TasteDive is a focused, cross-category recommendation engine where discovery is based purely on taste generated by the opinions expressed by the community on the platform.

Value add

TasteDive initially turned to Qloo to improve the quality of its cross-domain recommendations and deepen the catalog within domains. Qloo is able to power recommendations based on taste-signal arrays with thousands of inputs in less than 50 milliseconds on average. TasteDive decided to migrate all of its backend to Qloo’s AI to improve the efficacy of its inferences and make it a more useful platform for millions of users.


TasteDive is looking to use Qloo’s cross-domain routes to expand its offering and offer brand new domains to its user base.

*As of 2019, TasteDive has been acquired and is now fully owned by Qloo Inc. Official acquisition announcement

Leading financial services company
Leading financial services company

One of the largest credit card companies and rewards program with millions of customers

Credit card company had strong, usable intelligence within certain transactional domains, but are more limited in broader areas of consumer taste, yet had a lot at stake in better understanding their consumers

Value add

Qloo’s cross-domain AI was able to use anonymized (GDPR compliant) signals within strongly covered domains, and infer taste in categories like movies, music, and even travel, which greatly enriched customers’ understanding. This cultural AI drove intelligence for personalized email offers around concert ticket pre-sales and other campaigns where aggregate lift was increased by more than 250%.