Algorithmic Casting And Enterprise Partnership Selection

Qloo’s AI helps major brands and enterprises evaluate potential casting and partnership decisions algorithmically, and has driven major ROI in brand partnerships, casting and spokesperson selection by ensuring that the tastes are aligned with the target audience, resulting in often less obvious choices that have high impact.

Qloo’s API enables individuals and brands to hyper-target queries to suit their precise needs. For example, some sample queries might include things like: people known to have an affinity or transaction history with Brand X or cultural factors A, B and C in the USA:

  • Who is the most correlated celebrity chef?
  • What are the most correlated cosmetic brands?
  • Who are the most correlated actors, directors, locations, to produce and distribute content?
  • What are the most correlated podcasts to do an integration with?

Key features

  • With more than 150 million cultural targeting factors as inputs, Qloo can deliver unparalleled insight into ideal partnership and casting selections driven by unparalleled taste data.
  • No PII is required. All predictions are made based on fully anonymized user data. Qloo’s personalization service is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Qloo’s entity library is fully cross-walked, and thus able to seamlessly integrated with 3rd party APIs and major identifiers as well.

How it works

  • Customers can layer in their own brand or competitive brands as inputs, and pull correlations to find the most relevant partners in their desired categories. Qloo’s AI can accept audience definitions based on any combination of cultural entities or factors, that way personalization is completely anonymized.
  • Results are returned via the API within milliseconds.
  • Output can be filtered based on attributes to achieve the desired insight, for instance based on the category or genre of a particular partnership candidate.
Multinational Fashion Brand
Multinational Fashion Brand

Helping fashion connect with music

When a leading fashion brand wanted to launch a music initiative globally, they used Qloo’s API to pull data on the most correlated music artists to different clothing labels and regions in order to sign partnerships. The initiative was a big success, achieving high watermarks of earned media.


IAC wanted taste-driven data for national tv spots

CMO of Major division within IAC used Qloo’s Cultural AI to ascertain what media correlations where most relevant to highly targeted consumer they were trying to capture, in order to inform precise media buys with high ROI.

Starwood Capital
Starwood Capital

Investment firm uses preference insights to inform brands

Starwood used Qloo’s AI to pull insights informing enterprises partnerships across various hotel brands. For instance, which cosmetic brands to use in each location of the branded 1Hotels?

This resulted in hyper-targeted insight based on cultural AI, achieving higher relevance and personalization to the target guests’ desired experiences.

Cross Creek Pictures
Cross Creek Pictures

Studio wanted AI-driven insight into production decisions

Cross Creek wanted to get valuable insight into consumer taste about particular film during the pre-production phase to help inform packaging decisions and align key stakeholders. Cross Creek was drawn to Qloo’s cross-domain AI which allowed for inputs of factors such as a “music artist” (in the case of a biopic about a musician) and being able to pull most correlated music, directors, actors, across segments to help with casting, scoring, and packaging the film successfully.

This approach was highly successful and applied to many pre-production contexts, including instances where they had optioned a book, and used the individual “book” entity as a route through to Qloo’s AI in order to populate data across all relevant domains for producing a movie based on that content.