Qloo’s AI is able to add value to a wide range of industries and sectors. Current customers include Fortune 500 companies in the media, technology, CPG, hospitality and automotive sectors.


Qloo makes its proprietary cultural intelligence available via a highly flexible API that support a wide range of custom integrations. The Qloo API is very easy to plug into, supports a wide array of input signals, and can be tailored to specific business needs and KPIs to add maximum value. Below are a few examples of top level use-cases for Qloo’s AI, and various industries in which the API has been integrated. Contact a Qloo representative to schedule a more in-depth session to tailor how Qloo’s AI can help your roadmap.


Customers often confront the decision of whether to build vs buy an AI product, with Qloo’s customers the choice was clear. Qloo offers turn-key AI supported by billions of anonymized taste signals and a rich proprietary cultural database developed over nearly a decade. Due to Qloo’s privacy-centric approach, customers are able to use all the inferences delivered through Qloo’s API in perpetuity. This outperforms the trade-offs usually encountered with build-vs-buy. We work closely with customers to maximize the value-add, and provide deep visibility to all stakeholders involved.

Cultural Personalization
Deep personalization based on Cultural AI to drive true lift and value

Audience Exploration
Gain an unprecedented view of the tastes and preferences of your target audience across all of culture and entertainment

Data Driven Innovation
Use Cultural AI for your blue-sky digital innovation roadmap

Algorithmic Casting and Enterprise Partnership Selection
Better evaluate potential casting and partnership decisions algorithmically using Cultural AI

Cultural AI Media Targeting
Better identify targeting parameters using cross domain intelligence of your audience’s taste.

Location / Geographic Analysis
In-depth geographic analysis for locations globally with taste factors in every category of culture and entertainment

Custom Cultural AI Integrations
Qloo can build bespoke models layered on top of Cultural AI to address specific and novel value-adds and business use-cases

Reach out to to learn more about how Qloo’s Cultural AI can help you. Members of Qloo’s team would be delighted to assist with live demos and further information.