Our robust API makes 750+ billion cultural correlations available—providing insights and data-driven personalization.

Qloo API

Using our real time API, you’ll have access to our unparalleled catalog of entities across all domains of culture and entertainment, along with deep insight into consumer affinities throughout the world. We make the full breadth of our research and data science available to you through a simple interface that can be utilized with minimal effort.

Real world results

Our API has been used by leading Fortune 500 companies to power experiences, tools, and media planning strategies by leveraging our predictive intelligence and entity attributes across all media and consumer products.

Our customers are able to hyper-target inputs and accommodate all demographic, geographic and preference variables. Our highly structured, massive database means there are no issues with gaps in your data or cold starts.

Highly scalable and fast

The staggering breadth of our catalog and cultural intelligence is built using big data combined with state-of-the-art machine learning technologies, including deep learning and neural networks, yet we are able to provide near-instant results for any complex query.

Our API is built around high capacity, fault-tolerant cloud architecture and can handle massively concurrent requests. You can focus on getting results while we take care of infrastructure, provisioning and scaling.

Simple integration for any platform

It’s easy to get started. Our API protocols are standard and work with all common device tooling. Customers are provided bespoke documentation based on their needs and can start producing output immediately. Qloo’s technology has been successfully integrated into many platforms, from high traffic websites, internal reporting tools, embedded systems, smartphone apps, and more.

Data privacy

EU-domiciled entities are safe using Qloo due to its privacy-by-design characteristics, following regulatory and ethical standards.

GDPR compliant

Qloo’s AI-based API is powered by entities rather than identities.Our approach of anonymization falls squarely within exemptions under Article 6 of GDPR, and we have operated this way for nearly a decade.

Entities are transmitted with an anonymous identifier that does not store personally identifiable information (PII). In the normal course of operation, there is no way for us to connect such identifiers back to any PII. Qloo’s API was developed with a proprietary Anonymized Taste Transfer Protocol (ATTP), and has operated as a fully anonymized platform for nearly a decade.

Qloo’s AI and API are privacy-centric and compliant by design.